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Learning Disabilities

"I hate the term learning disabilities," Lisa says.  "It has such a negative connotation to it, yet like so many terms, it's used so freely that I don't see a way around it."

At Harp, we cater to the student with learning disabilities, or as Lisa likes to say, "learning abilities".  Kids with learning disabilities can do so much, and we recognize that.  "I'm amazed at how many parents ask me why the schools can't tell them that their children did one thing right in a day," Lisa adds.  


All kids do a lot of right and correct things every day at school and at home, but these parents are right.  The focus is on what is wrong, and when you're focused on something negative, you get negative results. 


At Harp, we start with the framework of learning success that a student has.  From there, we build a stronger foundation as we systematically fill in learning gaps.  By focusing on the positive, we get positive results!

We treasure unique thinkers and understand "busybodies" who have to move to learn.  We understand the fatigued learner and give him a route for learning success.  The student who has retreated doesn't get ignored; we draw her out slowly, kindly, and with gentle persuasion.  A rigid student is given guidelines and treated with dignity and respect, as all students deserve.  



At Harp, we cater to and treat students with learning disabilities like:




Visual Processing Disorders

Auditory Processing Disorders

Memory Issues

The Brain



Visual Motor Integration Issues


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