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Are you home schooling your child and need some extra support?  Are you able to get through science and social studies but don't know what to do with reading and math?  Is trying to get your child to do writing a nightmare?  Do you have a special needs child who is significantly behind? 

Don't despair!  We're here to help.  Harp Learning Institutes in Lodi and Oakdale now offer home school classes to give you support in reading, writing, math, and social skills.  

Classes last one hour and we approach academics geared toward the learner who needs that little something extra.  We use differentiation of skills, skills mastery, active participation, and multi-sensory teaching methodologies to ensure learning success.  We make a plan tailored specifically to your child's needs and build on learning strengths already exhibited. 


Classes are no larger than six students, and best of all, we strive to make learning fun!  Because, after all, shouldn't it be? 

We require a three student minimum to open a class.  Cost:  $36.00 per class.

We do tuition based billing, so we don't prorate.  In order to enroll in our home school classes, we require a one time enrollment fee of $25.00.  This allows us to put your child in our system

Monthly fee per home school class:  $144.00

Following is the current course schedule for both Lodi and Oakdale:


                     Call (209)365-0950 to register

Mondays:   1:00 to 2:00                             Create and Write

Mondays:   2:00 to 3:00                            Math Facts and More

Fridays:      1:00 to 2:00                             Reading Strategies and Phonemic Awareness

Fridays       2:00 to 3:00                            Social Skills


               Call (209)844-5414 to register

Mondays:   11:00 to 12:00                         Create and Write

Mondays:   1:00 to 2:00                            Math Facts and More

Tuesdays:   11:00 to 12:00                         Reading Strategies and Phonemic Awareness

Tuesdays:   1:00 to 2:00                            Social Skills

  Help with Tuition through Visions in Education

We're happy to partner with Visions in Education, a home school program that contributes approximately $220.00 toward tuition if you choose to go that route.  For more information on Visions in Education, give us a call!

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