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Help Your Child’s Behavior Problems

Do you have homework battles with your child?  Has the school called more than once telling you that your child is acting up at school? Perhaps your child has tantrums or just can’t seem to follow simple directions. If so, then you’ve come to the right place to find help for your child’s behavior problems.

Behavior Issues Can be Helped!

It’s common for kids to act out, especially those with learning disabilities like dyslexia, ADD/ADHD, or autism. When a child misbehaves, there’s usually a reason for it. They’re letting you know that something isn’t right in their world. 

Let Bravo! Reading's Behavior Booster help your child's behavior problems.

And they’re also asking for help!

There’s no need to beat your head against the wall. Sometimes, you need to step back, take a breath, and get to the root of the problem.

Help your child's behavior problems with Bravo! Reading's Behavior Booster.

If your child is struggling with behavior issues, then all you have to do is download our Bravo! Behavior Booster, and you’ll help your child’s behavior problems in a jiffy!

Negative behaviors impede learning…

Everyone knows that if a child is acting out, then it’s hard to get much of anything accomplished. Whether your child struggles to behave at school, fights with siblings, or just won’t follow directions, the Bravo! Behavior Booster will give you an easy way to keep tantrums at bay.

The problem most people have when trying to get a child to behave is expecting too much too soon. Kids want to do well! But they need a system to help them succeed, and that means they need rewards for work done well, for behaviors that you like.

It also means that they need a clear roadmap. They need to know what’s expected of them. Once they have their roadmap, kids will chug along happily with very few hiccups.

When you download our behavior system, you’ll determine if your child can accomplish, two, three, four, five, or six tasks.

You can help your child's behavior problems with our Bravo! Behavior Booster.

What constitutes a task?

Why…anything you want your child to do can be a task.

When the task is completed to your satisfaction, you simply put an X in the box. You will have already determined (hopefully with your child) how many tasks per session, what the reward will be, and how many boxes X’d will constitute a reward.

It’s that easy!

As your child starts improving, you stretch out the number of tasks. For instance, you might decide that your child can easily do two tasks without a problem, so you’d choose the two-task activity sheet and use it. Each time your child completes a task, you put an X in the box.

Two boxes X’d out might be a trip to the ice cream parlor or thirty minutes of television time – predetermined by you and your child.

Quick rewards help your child feel a sense of accomplishment!

It’s so simple, it’s genius!

  • Download our behavior improvement system and discover:
  • the two types of rewards that motivate children to behave
  • how to use task sheets for positive behaviors
  • the difference between a behavior task and an activity task 
  • how to make behaviors tied to specific tasks so kids can reach a positive outcome
  • how negative behavior impedes learning
  • how to jump off a negative behavior cycle with your child or student

 To download the life changing Bravo! Behavior Booster, just fill out the form below, and you’ll have instant access to it.