Services We Offer at Harp:


Sign your child up for our after school tutoring sessions.  Each session is a full sixty minutes and your child receives brain integration exercises, visual and auditory processing training, memory building, and academics.  Through the seven levels of Harp, your child fills in gaps in his/her learning foundation and the critical micro-skills that have been missing or weak are added and built up in a sequential, scientific method.  Even better, your child has fun at each session. 

Private School: 

The Harp Learning Academy caters to students with learning disabilities.  Our private school focuses on reading, writing, spelling, and math.  Most activities are hands-on to help the kinesthetic and right-brained learners succeed and thrive.

Students at our private school also receive the Harp Learning System so they can overcome learning challenges.  

Our classes are from 9:30 to 2:30 on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. In the 2020-2021 school year, we will add a fourth day.  

We provide social skills training, Orton-Gillinham based reading instruction, hands-on science, yoga classes, a tablet and laptop for every student, physical education, brain-based learning, life skills, extended school year, and field trips.  

Online Program:

If you're unable to bring your child to us for after school tutoring, we now offer our program online.  You'll answer a detailed student survey, and each week you'll receive an activity that is tailored to your child's specific needs.  We do not believe in a one size fits all mentality and strive to help your child overcome learning challenges.  


Our online program is not a private school.  We offer our five-step, time and research proven program that you can do at home with your child.  Instructions are easy to understand, and each activity comes with a micro-test so that skills mastery can be attained. 


Learning Products:

We now offer many of the same activities we do with our students at Harp in a digital format.  Simply download the materials, start working with your child, and watch as the magic of learning happens!


These learning products can be used as support for those attending Harp or for anyone who needs extra help and for their child or student. 

Home School Classes:

To make home schooling your child easier, we now offer home school classes in both Lodi and Oakdale.  We offer Math, Reading, and Writing classes to help your home schooled child thrive.  

Social Skills Classes: 

Most students with learning issues struggle socially.  That's why we offer affordable Social Skills classes to help your child navigate this often mysterious skill.  Social skills, like any skill, can be taught, one step at a time until your child is picked for teams, is invited over for birthday parties, and can love going to school for the social rewards it brings.  


Harp Learning System for Schools:

Would you like your child's school to have the Harp Learning System in it?  We now have our system available for use in all schools, whether private or public.  We've had great success from our pilot programs, so now your child can benefit from the life changing Harp Learning System.  Our system is affordable, practical, and easy to use.  Tens of thousands of students have made life changing academic strides using this program, and now your child can, too!


Sometimes, you need an expert to help you gain clarification.  Having a child with a learning issue is an emotional thing, and Lisa can help you wade through the muck to find a solution that's specific to your child's needs.  

Learning Evaluation:

We usually suggest a learning evaluation to help you discover where your child's strengths and weaknesses lie.  Our learning evaluation checks for visual and auditory processing issues.  We also do a screening for dyslexia, dysgraphia, and dyscalcuia.  The fee is $99.00 and you'll get an immediate printout of the results. 


At Harp, we love teens.  We offer our teens an extended session to help fill in the learning gaps that have occurred over the years, gain confidence in testing, help grades soar, and increase academic fluency. 

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