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Find out if your child has indications of dyslexia, dysgraphia, and dyscalculia.  Simply fill out the form below to download each of our screening evaluations!

Yes, I want the Dyslexia Screening Evaluation!

This easy to use screening evaluation is a useful tool if you suspect your child or student has dyslexia.  It takes approximately thirty minutes and will show indications of dyslexia.  Once you have an idea of what is keeping your child from succeeding academically, you can find a way to fill in missing learning gaps.  

Yes, I want the Dyslcalculia Screening Evaluation!

Dyscalculia is one of the most difficult learning disabilities to diagnose. It's hard to tell if the student suffers from math anxiety, is just missing some basic skills, or if a real learning disability is at stake.  This easy to use tool will show you if your child or student has indications of dyscalculia so you'll know which direction to go.  

Yes, I want the Dysgraphia Screening Evaluation!

Dysgraphis can be treated if you know which particular areas are affecting the student.  Find out if your child is struggling with motor skills, perceptual skills, or processing of information.  This easy to use screening tool takes about thirty minutes to perform and will give you indications of dysgraphia. 

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