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Free Resources for Kids

At Harp Learning Institute, we love to give you free resources for kids! Following are some resources we feel will be helpful.

Helping your child overcome a learning disability shouldn’t be difficult. We can help and guide you through the effort of helping your child not only with our tutoring services but with our free resources.

Bravo! Blending Pack – help your emergent or struggling reader learn to decode two letters. It’s common for traditional reading programs to dive right into having readers decode three letters at one time when, in fact, these readers need.

Bravo Punch Pack – the Punch Pack is similar to the Bravo! Blending Pack in that only two letters are focused on for sounding out words. This helps emergent or reluctant readers decode words. It is crucially important that emergent and reluctant readers have strong decoding skills with two letters before they move on to three letters.

Bravo! Decoder Pack – the Decoder Pack is for more experienced readers who are struggling from mistakes or guessing at words. To use the Decoder Pack, your reader needs to be able to sound out multi-syllable words. This program works at correcting bad reading habits for readers who can currently sound out words but who make mistakes or guess at words.

Bravo! Behavior Booster – help your frustrated child stop meltdowns and fits over school work (or other things). It is difficult for children to learn when they are having tantrums or are upset. Download the Bravo! Behavior Booster and soon behavior issues will be but a memory.

Lessons with Lisa – Lisa will send you educational tips, advice, and help on a bi-weekly basis. Kids with learning issues can take a toll on a family – especially in our busy society. Learning disabilities specialist, Lisa Harp, will help you navigate learning issues.