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Free Decoding Help

The Bravo! Decoder Pack refines reading skills for those who can already blend letters together to make new and unique sounds. The Decoder Pack is a multi-tiered, multi-sensory reading system that gives your child decoding help in a way that makes sense.

Get free decoding help with Bravo! Reading's Decoder Pack.

Like The Bravo! Reading System, the Bravo! Decoder Pack helps readers form strong strategies to sound out and decode words they might come across that they don’t know. In addition, it is aimed at children who already know letter sounds and can blend at least three letters together to make a new and unique word.

Furthermore, once your child or student can blend two to three letters together, it’s all a matter of refining these skills until multi-syllable words can be read with ease.

The Bravo! Decoder Pack is an awesome resource for children with dyslexia, who struggle significantly with decoding issues.

The Bravo! Decoding Pack Offers Decoding Help in Three Ways:

The combination of a decoding unit, nonsense words, and targeted story helps the reader gain reading fluency and comprehension!

  • Decoding Unit – as in Bravo! Reading, the Bravo! Decoder Pack introduces a decoding unit that is the focus for that page. It is broken into three columns.
  • The first column is an easy, one-syllable word. Additionally, the second column introduces blends or two-syllable words, and the third column is a three-syllable word.
  • Of course, not all readers can read all columns, so the reader is encouraged to work up to this skill.
  • Nonsense Words – to keep the reader from guessing at words or memorizing words. This eliminates blind guessing at words, which directly affects reading comprehension and fluency
  • Story – the reader enjoys a story based on the decoding unit to practice fluency, voice, and comprehension skills.

To download the Bravo! Decoder Pack, just fill out the form below, and you’ll have instant access to it!