Consultation with Lisa

Do you feel alone in your quest to help your child?  Do you wish that you had someone to talk to, an expert in the field of education?  Someone with over thirty years of experience and advice to give?

"I feel sorry for parents today.  Back when my son struggled in school, there was very little information.  Today, there's too much information.  Parents don't know what to believe, where to go, what to do, or what not to do.  Sometimes, they just need simple help and guidance."  Lisa Harp


Lisa started teaching in 1983.  "Oh, dear, I'm really not that old!" she laughs.  But when you need help, there's nothing better than experience.  Lisa has helped tens of thousands of children and teens reach grade level success or higher in over thirty years as an educator. 

"It's one of the most rewarding things in life, to know that you helped a child overcome a learning difference.  We have a boy in our private school who's almost ready to transition into a traditional learning environment.  I'm so excited.  The transformation in this boy's ability to learn is phenomenal.  His social skills and life success have followed close behind.  What a thrill!"


Lisa wants your child to be successful!  Most kids just need to be taught in a different manner or have their schooling situation changed.  Unfortunately, parents are usually emotional, too close to the problem, or just too scared or confused to find a workable solution.  

That's where Lisa comes in.  In just a matter of minutes, she can add her expertise to your situation and guide you through the maze you're stuck in.   Even better, Lisa listens...without judgment. 


Lisa can cut to the chase and give you honest answers and solutions to help you and your child reach grade level and life success.  


"It's best to think ahead about what you need.  Make a list of all the problems as you see them before we talk.  Also, have a report card, a current IEP or 504 plan if applicable, and any other pertinent information before we talk," Lisa advises.  "It's also a good idea to have some long-term goals for your child.  That helps us keep focused."


Schedule a consultation with Lisa by filling out the form below, and she'll contact you to set up a date and time.  A fee of $125.00 per hour applies. 





"Within twenty minutes of talking with Lisa, she'd come up with a workable solution for my autistic son.  We changed schools, called an IEP meeting, and changed his goals.  They were workable goals that he could complete.  He's been growing and changing ever since.  Thanks, Lisa!"  -R. Sheridan  San Francisco

"I had a fantastic chat with Lisa.  It was apparent right away that she knew her stuff and could help me.  I didn't do everything she suggested, but the things I did with my son made a huge difference.  She's the first person I've talked to who really understands dyslexia and what to do about it.  My son is at grade level now, and we're so happy." -M. Rivera, Sonora, CA

"My daughter is making progress for the first time in three years.  She was in Special Day Class and all they did was stick her in front of the computer all day.  She wasn't learning or growing.  With Lisa's advice, we pulled her from SDC and now she's being mainstreamed.  She's making friends and learning.  I don't have enough nice things to say about my consultation with Lisa. -A. Carter, Aurora, Colorado