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Do you have homework battles with your child?  Or has the school called more than once telling you that your child is having problems with behavior?  Perhaps your child or student has tantrums or just can't seem to follow simple directions. 

You aren't alone! 


It's common for kids to act out.  They are letting you know that something isn't right in their world.  And, they're also asking for help.  

You've come to the right place.  All you have to do is download our FREE Harp  Behavior Improvement System, and you're on your way to helping your child or student gain independence

and learn to stop negative behaviors that impede learning. 

When you download the easy to use Harp Behavior Improvement System, you'll discover:

  • the two types of rewards that motivate children to behave

  • how to use task sheets as an outline for positive behaviors

  • the difference between a behavior task and an activity task 

  • how to make behaviors tied to specific tasks so kids can reach a positive outcome

  • how negative behavior impedes learning

  • how to jump off a negative behavior cycle with your child or student

  • the secrets about attention that affect all children and students








It's common for kids with learning issues to act up.  It only makes sense!  Learning is harder for these kids, and all too often expectations are too high.  These kids feel backed into a corner and often lash out from frustration and anger. 

It's easy to jump onto a negative cycle with these kids.  Because they are negative, you become negative and start dishing out punishments.  But after a while, this just doesn't work.  A child acting out needs a plan, a system to follow so they know the rules.  A child acting out is begging for a system of rules!  They are nervous without a set of guidelines to follow. 

You might have set up charts and plans before, but they might not have worked.  That's because they might not have been task oriented with a clear, positive reward system. 

"Of all the complaints I get, discipline and behavior issues pop up the most," Lisa says.  "That's why I've now made our Harp Behavior Improvement System available to everyone.  I want to help every child succeed, and I know that if a child is acting out, learning just can't take place.  That battle becomes the elephant in the living room and nothing gets accomplished."

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After using our easy to use and effective Behavior Improvement System, you'll be amazed at how quickly your child or student's behavior turns around. 


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So what are you waiting for?  Homework battles can end in days.  And even the toughest cookies respond to the task-oriented behavior system that turns not only behavior around but changes lives.  A happy, well-behaved child is a child who can learn and succeed!

Download our FREE Behavior Improvement System today and watch as your child's behavior turns around!




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