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Articles Written by Lisa Harp

If you have a child suffering from learning disabilities like autism, dyslexia, or ADD/ADHD, then you’re probably confused, frustrated, and worn out. Where do you turn for help? Who can you trust? Articles written by Lisa Harp can guide you on your quest for help!

Lisa Harp, the founder of Harp Learning Institute and Bravo! Reading knows exactly how you feel! Her own son struggled with learning problems. Because of this, she went on a “mother mission” to help him learn. (See Nathan’s Story). Within a year, he was an honor student.

Did you know that using color helps kids with learning disabilities like dyscalculia perform math equations with better accuracy? Or how about a few spelling games – that will be more engaging and beneficial for your child than writing spelling list words over-and-over again. (Research shows that it isn’t beneficial for children two write spelling times more than three times.)

Auditory skills, reading activities. The sky’s the limit! Dive in and peruse and article and help your child succeed academically!

Following are some of the numerous articles on learning disabilities Lisa Harp has written.

Lisa Harp has written numerous articles on learning disabilities and how to treat them.
Lisa Harp has written numerous articles on learning disabilities and how to treat them.
  1. Are they for Real?
  2. Bridging the Handwriting Gap
  3. Bullying and Learning Disabilities
  4. Using Color to Treat Learning Disabilities
  5. Five Ways to Help Today’s Child
  6. How do any of us Read?
  7. Is Math a Four-Letter Word?
  8. Memory Skills and Learning
  9. Mixed Dominance and Learning Disabilities
  10. One Plus Three Equals Dyscalculia
  11. Pointers for Helping ADD
  12. Seven Steps to Learning Success
  13. Stilling the Images in their Minds
  14. The Broken Children
  15. The Curse of the Right Brain
  16. The Eyes Have It
  17. The Gift of Brain Integration
  18. Treating Dyslexia
  19. Whole Brain Learning

Articles written by Lisa Harp.