Books Written by Lisa Harp

Do you dream of a child who loves to read, but it's no dice when you bring out a book?   Lisa believes and knows that the first two steps to helping kids enjoy reading are a high interest subject and large print to help make the process of reading simpler and less frustrating.  

That's why she's written (and illustrated) children's books with large print and subjects that keep kids turning pages.  She also writes teen and young adult novels under the pen name L. L. Crane.  



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Dyslexia ABC Practice Book


Big Print Picture Books:

The Garden Angel


Sometimes Gifts are Hidden…

Junepa has a hard time paying attention…and staying out of trouble. The recent Pollywaggle Invasion has set his papa, the village leader, on edge. Actually, Calder Rose has been downright crabby! But that doen’t keep Junepa from sneaking out of their mushi-hut and running wild with the forest nalligans.

But when a rogue pollywaggle happens their way, the village is turned upside down, and only Junepa can save everyone. Not from the pollywaggles…but from his papa.

Then, wings suddenly sprout on Junepa’s back, and he’s sure he will finally become a Garden Angel. But there are bigger plans in the works for this gifted little boy.

This children's read aloud story offers hope and a series of "God Fables" for lessons to be learned in a fun, easy manner.


Dream Big, Little Narwhal


Whose voice is that, echoing from the vast blue sea?

Join Little Narwhal and her friends as they adventure through a colorful ocean world. The young narwhal does fall and get tired at times, but with loving advice, she learns to pick herself up and forge onward. And when the adventure ends, you will delight in where Little Narwhal ends up!

This children's picture book offers hope, inspiration, and love in trying times. Beautifully illustrated, Dream Big, Little Narwhal is a fantastic, uplifting book for children of all ages. Written and illustrated by teacher and learning disabilities expert, Lisa Harp, this book holds the interest of young learners and those struggling to read. The large print is perfect for kids with dyslexia or other reading disorders.


The Dragon of Bursonville



The Gnomes of Bursonville are not Happy!

Dragons scream down from the mountains, charring their village with fiery flames while dinosaurs stomp through in a wave of destruction. Finally, they have enough and embark on a journey in search of the Great Swami Gnome. Surely, he'll give them the right advice.

At last, they find him on a remote mountain pass. His suggestion? "Look to the skies."

From there, everything turns whacky, confusing the poor gnomes. Why would Swami Gnome give them such terrible advice? When a giant egg blasts into the sky and cracks open, the gnomes can't believe what they see. But will it be enough to save them and their village?

Hang onto your pointed hat as you take an adventure with the gnomes of Bursonville! Written by teacher and learning disabilities expert, Lisa Harp, this book has large print and high interest for kids struggling to read. Even better, its inspiring message is perfect for kids of any age!

Young Adult Novels Under Pen Name L. L. Crane



One day. That’s all it takes…

Teak the Freak is a killing machine…a loner. A light face swimming in a sea of darkness. But she’s also lacking in Power, which won’t serve her well where she’s headed. Then, a stroke of luck changes her fate, and Teak thinks she’s won the lottery. But nothing could have prepared her for the dangerous journey to Dragon Academy.

Koree wants nothing more than to get through each day in quiet solitude, to keep his tortured feelings locked tightly inside his chest. He’s content being Thann’s wingman on the trip to Bay City to pick up the new cadets. But when he spots the tall Light Skin who can’t even ride a dragon, his heart flames into wildness. It should have been an easy trip back to Harcourt.

He should have been able to control his feelings. But there’s something about this mysterious girl…and when she fights off the Destroyers bent on revenge, Koree’s heart is gone.

Mark of Power Series

Digital Kindle Edition



A baby dragon. A steamy boy. What else could a girl want?

Teak thinks her problems are over now that she's finally arrived at Dragon Academy. After all, Koree and Thann are both there and she's finally gained the acceptance she's craved her entire life. But when she discovers secrets too dark and bold to bear, she's sure her world has ended.

Koree helps her pick up the pieces, but it only gets worse at every turn she takes. When he lets her in on another secret with those emerald eyes blazing, it sets more than her heart on fire. They've formed a rebellion against Siv Gareth, and they want her to join. Teak is forced to make the scariest decision of her life...all while her precious dragon egg hatches prematurely and she faces the imminent truth that he's about to die. Not to mention that Reese is on a bender and this time, he wants more than blood. He's fighting to the death.




The dark truth reigns...

Teak is captured.  Alone and wounded with devastating knowledge. Koree is dead. She watched him take a spear in his chest, felt her heart surely lurch to a stop when he plummeted to his death.   It was a battle gone wrong and now she wonders what's left to live for.   Because a world without Koree is a world she doesn't want to live in. Two surprise visitors send Teak reeling.

Then, Thann casually drops a bomb that sends her to the moon and back. But when Teak finally arrives at Harcourt, she's in for a big surprise.  Everything she holds dear dangles over a precipice, about to smashed into jagged rocks below.  She's forced to run away. In a dark cave, Teak communes with the Seer, wondering where this will all end.

Wishing for Koree. Wishing that Diamond hadn't just shown up with news of the biggest dragon battle of all time...Harcourt is under attack.




Dragons, battles, and romance…

Siv Gareth’s battle dragons have invaded Harcourt, but can Teak finally draw from her Power to ward them off? Unfortunately, she figures out she needs help…and it comes wrapped in the unlikely package of Koree. Later, when the mission is back on, she has to learn to play nice with him. But Foxx seems to pop up whenever they have a minute alone.

At first, he irritates her, but the dreamy boy spins her head at times. She has no idea he’s a double extractor and that his future is tied tightly to hers. When Entho puts a twist in everyone’s plans, Teak wonders if they’ll ever be rid of Siv Gareth’s tyrannical rule.

Enter an odd set of twins right when she thinks all is lost, and a new set of problems comes into play. Could they be the twins of the legend? The battle rages and Teak ends up at Mount Gareth with Koree, Jace, and Foxx, trying to save her family from the inferno that’s overtaking them. Thann shows up as the mansion topples to the ground, an unlikely hero in tow.

Blue Spectrum Chronicles



Forbidden love has never been so exciting...

It’s a world of rules and oppression. Of cameras in your bedroom and authentic boredom. Even so, Rain 24-A has her life sketched out to the last detail. After all, she’s Rain the Brain, Fast Tracker, and earner of the coveted Desk 1 position.

And she’s on a mission to cure S.L.A.G., the mutated autism gene that’s overcome what’s left of the world. She’s promised herself that nothing will get in her way. Until the day Orion 267-J struts into her geography class, the new boy from Province J. He’s big and beefy and cocky…everything she can’t stand in a guy. She does everything in her power to fight off his advances.

On the day he lures her into a hidden hedge gap, Orion bares not only his soul, but the wicked scars on his chest and back from an abusive father. More than sparks fly between this star-crossed couple as they hide their blooming romance from the prying eyes of the Administration, not to mention their family and friends. After all, teenage romances are dealt with harshly.

When Orion accidentally discovers secrets about Rain’s family that are too brutal to understand, Rain clings to him. The day after Orion confesses his love to her, he mysteriously goes missing. There’s not a single trace of the boy who captured her heart.

Desolate, Rain promises to get on with her life. Until she’s scheduled to take The Shot, and devastating information leaves her reeling. She’s faced with a decision too stark, too harrowing to make on her own…and it’s one that won’t just affect her life.
Dare to fall in love with Rain and Orion in this dystopian romance series. 



She’s on the run…and desperately needing help.

Rain 24-A, Province A's royalty, has popped up pregnant, and in the Provinces, it's a punishable crime. Rain lives in a world of oppression and control, and all naturally conceived babies are immediately terminated.

To make matters worse, Orion has been missing for months. He doesn't even know about the baby, and it only adds to Rain's feelings of abandonment. But she's determined to keep the all costs.

Alone and scared, she comes up with a crazy plan. But will the hiding place keep her safe from a prying government where there’s a camera in every room...and a mother determined to control her life?

When she lands on the doorstep of strangers, Rain is surprised when they welcome her with open arms and take her under their collective wing. But Rain knows that every day at Garment’s fashion studio is a day of risk – not only for her but for them. She simply can’t stay in the Provinces.
The day she sets out for the Asters, she has no idea how her life will change.

Join Rain on her wild journey to this rugged, ruthless territory on the edge of the Provinces. She fights gunslingers, mutants, and discovers a new love interest. Troll is the sweetest, kindest boy and saves her hide more often than she’d like to admit. But…he still isn’t Orion.

When Troll promises to raise the baby as his own, and Rain thinks that’s as good as it can get. Until a blast from the past sends her reeling. 




Just when she thinks everything is gone...

Rain goes into labor right as the Red Band invades and there's no medical help available. Then a blast from the past arrives in the nick of time, but who could be prepared for what happens next?

When Orion doesn't come back from battle, Rain thinks she's lost it all. Somehow, she manages to pull herself together. Settling into motherhood, she can't be prepared for a midnight mutant attack that threatens everything that's dear to her.

When Rain accepts the losses in her life, she spots two riders in the distance. Could it really be Orion?

Hang onto your heart on this one, folks. Rain and Orion find out what family is made of and teeter on the brink of losing not only those they love, but each other.



It's more than just a loss....

As Leader of the Blue Spectrum Band, Orion has his hands full. But it's all worth it as long as Rain is by his side and the twins are thriving. When Scarlett and Eagle are kidnapped, he goes insane. Bent on revenge, Orion doesn't care who goes down in his fight to get his babies back.

Fortunately, Pan is there to cool him down, but nothing can prepare him for what happens next. He returns from the scariest quest of his life only to find that something is seriously wrong with Rain and nobody can figure out how to help her.
Nothing more than skin and bones, she stares vacantly into space, and nobody can reach her.

When another woman turns his head, Orion knows there's a foul wind blowing in the Asters and sets out to claim what's rightfully his. Little does he know that he isn't the one steering the ship at all...someone else's hands are wrapped around the wheel and he has to trust that Will he be smart enough to win this war...or will he lose it all?

Grab a spear and take to the Asters with Rain and'll fall in love all over again! Keep turning pages into the night in this exciting conclusion to The Blue Spectrum Chronicles - a dystopian romance series by L. L. Crane. If you enjoyed The Maze Runner, The Hunger Games, or Divergent, you'll fall head over heels for this series.

Forever Fantasy Series



Rowan Leeds isn’t your typical teenage faerie...

And it isn’t because he failed to turn green and is about to be ousted from Evergreen.
No, it has everything to do with the fact that he’s of royal Falenka blood – an ancient order so strong and pure, it was once thought to be extinct.

The problem?

He doesn’t even know it. But someone else has figured it out. Wintrel will stop at nothing to capture the young faerie and use him for her own selfish gain. When an icequake hits, Rowan accidentally falls into the Glassy Pond. He fights for more than just his life as he is forced to decide the fate of not only himself, but the future of the entire Falenka race.

Becca is just trying to survive in a world that’s never given her a thing for free. She’s got troubles; that’s for sure. When she meets a young man with manners and a hot car, she thinks maybe the tide is turning for her. Until her house blows up and Lomas disappears. The merging of two worlds – human and Fae - lights up as the mystery of their connection unfolds.

Octabeasts, faeries, elves, trolls, goblins, demons, and more Fae than you could ever imagine will keep you turning pages in this young adult high fantasy series.