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Is your child struggling to learn? 

You aren't alone.  Millions of children struggle in school, but it doesn't have to be this way.  At Harp Learning Institute, we believe every child can learn! 

For over twenty years, we have helped tens of thousands of struggling students reach grade level or higher success with our time tested, research driven Learning Success Blueprint.

The Learning Success Blueprint is broken into three main arenas, each rich in micro-skills that create a strong learning foundation.  Whether your child has dyslexia, ADD/ADHD, autism, or just needs a quick tune-up in foundational skills, the Blueprint will help your child reach learning success! 

1.  Integrate the Body with the Brain

Although learning disabilities usually show up as academic issues, it is common for the body and brain of the struggling learner to not be integrated and working as a whole.  These deficiencies usually reveal themselves as social, perceptual, memory, attention, and motor skills problems.

There is a hierarchy to learning!  That's why the Learning Success Blueprint starts by integrating the brain and the body through easy exercises that kids love to do!  Most of these specific and targeted exercises involve crossing the midline of the body and will rebuild new neural pathways in the brain.

2. Micro-doses of Sensory Skills

In this stage of the Learning Success Blueprint, we begin building the "walls" of the foundation through micro-doses of visual, auditory, and kinesthetic skills.  Any weaknesses the learner has are flushed out, rebuilt, and made strong.  Each micro-skill is easy to do, offers the learner instant success, and comes with a quick quiz so that skills mastery is achieved.

The problem with most programs is that they go in for the "kill" and overload an already frustrated and fatigued learner.  We take a different approach.  Step-by-step, we give the learner crucial sensory micro-skills necessary to finish strong.

3.  Provide Academics in a Multi-Sensory Fashion

Students who struggle to learn can't easily do worksheets or read out of textbooks like their peers.  That's because their learning systems are compromised, not because they aren't smart!  In order to build the roof of your child's learning house, we have to construct a strong base of multi-sensory skills first. 

After the base of the roof is built through visual, auditory, and kinesthetic means, then the shingles can added and the student is transitioned into regular mainstreamed learning.  





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