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Tutoring in Lodi, California

Is your child struggling in school? Are report cards a time of stress and worry? Is homework a never-ending battle, leaving both you and your child exhausted? Don’t fret, because Harp Learning Institute offers brain and sensory-based tutoring in Lodi, California. By treating your child as a whole and by using our five-step, research-based program, your child makes academic strides that others can’t provide.

Your Child Needs a Different Approach for Academic Success!

Learning shouldn’t be difficult! It should be fun and natural, but for some children, learning is hard. Sometimes, it even hurts. However, with proper intervention and providing your child with a program designed for struggling learners, your child can learn to process information with ease, pass tests like a champ, do homework independently, and learn without pain and frustration.

There’s Nothing Wrong with Your Child!

Most likely, your child just learns differently than others. And that means a non-traditional program is necessary to transform tears into smiles! When your child is given the correct set of learning tools to use, the sky’s the limit as far as learning goes!

Most parents are caught in a crossfire, not knowing what to do to help their children succeed academically. Did you know that approximately thirty percent of students struggle to read? And that reading affects every subject in school, even math?

In addition, one in five students has dyslexia, and sadly, these bright, verbal children rarely get the proper help they need. But there’s more! Approximately one in forty-four children is born with autism. These children are often confined to Special Day Class where they are “warehoused” but rarely given a set of tools they need for school or life success.

Tutoring with a Twist

The Harp Learning Institute provides “tutoring with a twist”. In addition to academics taught in a unique way (one that unique learners understand, not the other way around), your child receives prescriptive dose of auditory and visual processing skills, memory building, and brain integration exercises. This comprehensive combination of skills training is what brings your child to grade level or beyond!

At Harp Learning Institute, we know what it’s like to have a child struggling in school!

In the early 1990’s, Lisa Harp’s son (see Nathan’s Story) had dyslexia, ADD/ADHD, and auditory processing problems. Although she was a teacher, Lisa was unable to help him. Sadly, the help that the school offered only served to frustrate him. So Lisa went on a mother mission, creating a non-traditional learning system.

Within a year, Nathan was an honor student! She then founded the Harp Learning Institute and has subsequently helped tens of thousands of students overcome learning challenges and climb to academic success by attending tutoring in Lodi, California.

Get help for your child through tutoring in Lodi, California at Harp Learning Institute.

Harp Learning Institute uses the following techniques to help your child reach learning success:

1. Integrate the Body with the Brain

Although learning disabilities usually show up as academic issues, it is common for the body and brain of the struggling learner to not be integrated and working as a whole.  These deficiencies usually reveal themselves as social, perceptual, memory, attention, and motor skills problems.

Help your child's academics through tutoring in Lodi, California at Harp Learning Institute.

2. Micro-doses of Sensory Skills

In this stage of the Harp Learning System, we begin building the “walls” of the learning foundation through micro-doses of visual, auditory, and kinesthetic skills.  Any weaknesses the learner has are flushed out, rebuilt, and made strong.  Each micro-skill is easy to do, offers the learner instant success, and comes with a quick quiz so that skills mastery is achieved.

The problem with most programs is that they go in for the “kill” and overload an already frustrated and fatigued learner.  We take a different approach.  Step-by-step, we give the learner crucial sensory micro-skills necessary to finish strong.

Discover tutoring in Lodi, California at Harp Learning Institute.

3.  Provide Academics in a Multi-Sensory Fashion

Students who struggle to learn can’t easily do worksheets or read out of textbooks like their peers.  That’s because their learning systems are compromised, not because they aren’t smart!  In order to build the roof of your child’s learning house, we have to construct a strong base of multi-sensory skills first. 

After the base of the roof is built through visual, auditory, and kinesthetic means, then the shingles can be added and the student is transitioned into regular mainstreamed learning.  

Harp Learning Institute offers tutoring in Lodi, California.

When you enroll your child in Harp Learning Institute:

Harp Learning Institute offers tutoring in Lodi, California.
  • Your child gains learning and life confidence
  • Reading becomes an easy process and word guessing stops
  • Homework is done independently without battles and tears
  • Multiplication facts are memorized because memory skills are intact
  • Your child can process both visual and auditory information with ease
  • Your child can process both visual and auditory information with ease
  • Tests are passed with quiet confidence, resulting in better grades
  • Self-confidence soars, which results in better grades
  • Parent Teacher Conferences occur without heartache
  • Family life settles down because learning independence is achieved

A Learning Disability Like Dyslexia or Autism Doesn’t Mean Your Child Can’t Learn!

One in five students has dyslexia, and sadly, these bright, verbal children rarely get the proper help they need. In addition, approximately one in forty-four children is born with autism.

In addition, other children suffer from falling behind in the early grades and as the years pass, the learning gap widens. At some point, it becomes a problem.

No matter what the learning challenge, it takes a toll!

Usually kids either act out or retreat when they reach a point of academic failure. They lose self-confidence and hang their heads, often withdrawing or imploding.

Or you get the call from the school that your child has been acting out. Either way, it’s sad and exhausting for both parent and child, often the entire family.

Even if your child is struggling in school or has a diagnosis of a learning disability, it doesn’t mean they can’t make huge life and academic strides!

Discover tutoring in Lodi, California at Harp Learning at Harp Learning Institute.

How Harp Learning Institute Helps Your Child:

Time Tested – Kid Approved

For over twenty years, Harp Learning Institute has transformed struggling learners into happy, well adjusted students when they receive tutoring in Lodi, California! By going to the root of the problem instead of just applying “Band-aids”, our scientific, research-based program has helped tens of thousands of children reach grade level or higher success.

By treating your child as a “whole”, gigantic strides are made. Even better, you’ll get to watch as your child brings home good grades, smiling with glowing satisfaction. Imagine the pride you feel when it’s your child who made the honor roll! And, won’t it be fantastic to have calm, relaxing evenings instead of enduring endless homework battles?