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Tutoring Lodi, California

Dyslexia, ADD/ADHD, Autism

Is your child struggling in school? Are report cards a time of stress and worry? Is homework a never-ending battle, leaving both you and your child exhausted? Don’t fret, because Harp Learning Institute offers tutoring in Lodi, California as well as online tutoring to a wider audience.

You Aren’t Alone!

Children who struggle academically are usually unique learners. This simply means your child learns differently than most kids. It also means a non-traditional program is necessary to transform tears of frustration and disappointment into endless smiles!

At Harp Learning Institute, your child can gain academic success with either our in-person or online tutoring.

Your child might just be a unique learner!

Learning shouldn’t be difficult! It should be fun and natural, But for some children, learning is hard. Sometimes, it even hurts. That’s when proper interventions come in. Believe it or not, your child can learn to process information with ease, pass tests, do homework independently, and learn without pain and frustration.

Your child can succeed academically at Harp Learning Institute.

At Harp Learning Institute, we know what it’s like to have a child struggling in school!

In the early 1990’s, Lisa Harp’s son (see Nathan’s Story) had dyslexia, ADD/ADHD, and auditory processing problems. Although she was a teacher, Lisa was unable to help him. Sadly, the help that the school offered only served to frustrate him. So Lisa went on a mother mission, creating a non-traditional learning system.

Within a year, Nathan was an honor student! She then founded the Harp Learning Institute and has subsequently helped tens of thousands of students overcome learning challenges and climb to academic success by attending tutoring in Lodi, California or using our widespread online services.

Enroll your child in Harp Learning Institute for a learning jump that will astound you.

A Learning Disability Like Dyslexia or Autism Doesn’t Mean Your Child Can’t Learn!

One in five students has dyslexia, and sadly, these bright, verbal children rarely get the proper help they need. In addition, approximately one in forty-four children is born with autism.

In addition, other children suffer from falling behind in the early grades and as the years pass, the learning gap widens. At some point, it becomes a problem.

No matter what the learning challenge, it takes a toll!

Usually kids either act out or retreat when they reach a point of academic failure. They lose self-confidence and hang their heads, often withdrawing or imploding.

Or you get the call from the school that your child has been acting out. Either way, it’s sad and exhausting for both parent and child, often the entire family.

Even if your child is struggling in school or has a diagnosis of a learning disability, it doesn’t mean they can’t make huge life and academic strides!

Every day, at Harp Learning Institute, we transform struggling students into happy, well-adjusted learners!

Lisa Harp, the founder of Harp Learning Institute, has been an educator for over forty years and brings that wisdom to the learning center.
Tutoring in Lodi, California helps kids overcome learning challenges at Harp Learning Institute.

Your child learns best when treated like a “whole” being instead of bits and pieces

Learning should be a fun, easy process.

Most likely, your child is a unique learner and requires a unique program to fit those needs.

Before you can get to “academics”, you need to instill a strong learning foundation.

Sensory issues gain strength – both visual and auditory. This, in turn, leads to higher grades and general school performance.

Memory building is a crucial component to overcoming a learning disability like dyslexia, autism, or ADD/ADHD.

Brain integration activities that balance the left and right hemispheres of the brain are crucial to helping your child achieve learning success.

Movement is key to learning – especially in the early stages of development.

-Adhering to the hierarchy of learning provides your child with a strong learning foundation.

-We help your child form new neural pathways in the brain through brain integration activities

Traditional tutoring doesn’t work for most learning disabled students or unique learners.

Children learn from the outside in, not the other way around. Traditional programs fail to take this into consideration.

The Unique Learner

Most children who struggle in school are simply unique learners. That subsequently means they learn differently and need a “unique”, non-traditional program to meet their specific learning needs. At Harp Learning Institute, we have been transforming children’s lives by doing this – for over twenty years by providing tutoring for kids who either have a learning disability or have fallen behind.

What makes a unique learner?

A bright student with grades that don’t reflect this

Over or under processes information

A student who knows subject matter but still fails tests

High verbal skills but has a difficult time reading or spelling

Struggles with mental math yet can perform written math problems with ease

-Acting out or getting frustrated over seemingly small, insignificant things

Has creative abilities but grades suffer

Learns best by doing something

Harp Learning Institute in Lodi, California offers tutoring and specializes in children with learning disabilities.

When your child attends Harp Learning Institute in Lodi, California, you’ll receive the following:

Full sixty-minute sessions

Sensory-rich lessons that hone learning confidence

-Teaching your child to skills mastery

A one teacher to three student ratio, which provides your child with loads of special attention

Biannual progress reports give much needed feedback

Make up sessions to provide continuity of learning

Brain integration therapy (neuro-integration therapy) to balance the hemispheres of the brain

Memory building for skills-retention

A 98% success rate for students who complete program

Average of five grade-level jump for students who complete program

Orton-Gillingham based reading program used

Multi-sensory approach to learning used

-Teaching both auditory and visual processing skills

-Teaching visual motor integration skills as a strong writing foundation

There are seven levels to Harp Learning Institute which offers tutoring in Lodi, California.
Tutoring in Lodi, California at Harp Learning Insitute

The Yellow Level of Harp sets the foundation for learning with a focus on body/brain connection, gross motor skills, eye/hand coordination, and visual motor integration. In addition, this level stresses large muscle movements along with basic memory building and multi-sensory academics. Two-digit memory span is introduced.

Harp Learning Institute in Lodi, California provides tutoring for kids with dyslexia and other learning issues.

Your child continues to build a strong learning foundation by adding and refining visual and auditory skills, spatial skills, and three-digit memory building. Additionally, the body/brain connection continues to strengthen as we increase the difficulty of micro-skills. Your child becomes an independent learner. We introduce eye patching and eye tracking.

Lodi California tutoring.

This is the visual processing level where we focus on eye muscle movement, tracking across a page, visual discrimination, visual closure, visual memory, and visual processing. In addition, the Red Level is crucial for students with dyslexia. Four-digit memory span is introduced. Your child becomes more confident and takes learning leaps.

Tutoring in Lodi, California.

The Pink Level refines all the previously taught skills while introducing perceptual skills and basic auditory processing skills. Memory building is stepped up to a five-digit span. Moreover, your child learns to attack skills more independently as we gradually increase the demands of not only micro-skills but academics.

Help for struggling learners via tutoring Lodi, California

This level transitions your child to more difficult auditory skills that are accentuated in the next two levels. In addition, multi-step thinking and following oral directions is stressed. Also, more difficult visual and auditory processing skills are presented. Six-digit memory span is mastered.

Help for struggling learners in Lodi, California.

Blue is the primary auditory processing level at Harp. Your child learns to take in information in an auditory fashion and process it. Also, your child will work on auditory discrimination, auditory memory, auditory closure, following directions, auditory synthesis, and manipulating auditory memory. Grades and test scores increase dramatically.

Lodi, California tutoring.

The Green Levels introduces higher level processing skills to help your child succeed in the classroom. Executive functioning skills are stressed. Visual and auditory skills are fine-tuned. Study skills, independent work habits, and grade level academics are implemented.

When kids finish the seven levels of Harp Learning Institute, they are ready to succeed academically and in life. We offer tutoring in Lodi, California.

Time Tested – Kid Approved

For over twenty years, Harp Learning Institute has transformed struggling learners into learning machines when they receive tutoring in Lodi, California! By going to the root of the problem instead of just applying “Band-aids”, our scientific, research-based program has helped tens of thousands of children reach grade level or higher success.

By treating the “whole” child, we get results that others don’t. Watch as your child brings home good grades, smiling with glowing satisfaction. Imagine the pride you feel when it’s your child who made the honor roll. And, won’t it be fantastic to have calm, relaxing evenings instead of enduring endless homework battles?