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We offer four distinct learning solutions to meet your child's individual needs! 

Harp Learning Institute can help your child soar to academic success and overcome learning challenges with our time-tested, research driven program, caring staff, and safe environment.  We have a solution for every learning need, and even better, we make learning fun!

Our private school,The Harp Learning Academy, provides a unique setting where students with learning, behavioral, and social challenges overcome their problems and thrive.  We take tired learners and energize them.  We focus on the academics students need - reading, writing, spelling, and math - taught in a multi-sensory fashion to meet the needs of the non-traditional learner. 

In addition, we use the Harp Learning System, which is rich in visual, auditory, and gross motor skills.  We weave in brain integration and memory-building activities to create whole thinkers.  Student are reach learning success with our top-notch curriculum choices along with our own Orton-Gillingham based TouchTile Reading System and Free to Read Program.  Kids with dyslexia especially respond to these reading methodologies and quit guessing at words as they internalize reading and spelling rules.  


Life skills and social skills are taught as part of our unique and successful curriculum.  To prepare them for the future, each child has a tablet and Chrome book to use.

We've been providing after school tutoring to students with learning challenges for over twenty years with a 98% success rate.  Recently, we added technology  to our research-driven, time-tested Harp Learning System, and students love using tablets and computers to rewire their brains, build important memory skills, hone visual and auditory processing skills, and sharpen academic components.  

In addition, we now offer Social Skills classes and Home school classes.

If you can't make it to one of our schools for classes, we now offer an online program for your child.  This is so convenient.  Once a week you receive materials, exercises, and activities in your email box.  You can download them onto your computer and make it interactive for your child or print off the materials to use as part of your home school or after school curriculum.  Our monthly subscription price is affordable at just $34.95 per month!

Our learning products can help you at home or at school as well.  Easy to use and download, these materials can give your child a boost of after school, school, or home school enrichment.  These are the very activities that have been used for over twenty years in the Harp Learning Institute learning centers and private schools!  

Everything we offer has been time-tested and kid approved!

If  your child has dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, ADD/ADHD, autism, or another learning disability, don't despair.  You aren't alone! One person in five has a learning difference.  And the sad truth is that all too often, these bright kids with potentially promising futures are mishandled, misdiagnosed, and left to fall through the cracks of an antiquated system that no longer works. 


It's scary when your child isn't working up to his or her full potential, when report cards come home with D's and F's.  When parent teacher conferences are a nightmare.  When you have to watch your smart child's self-esteem fly out the door.


It's even more frightening when your child has been diagnosed with a learning disability and very few solutions are offered.  When you spend hours on the internet searching for an answer because every day when you send your child to school, there's little or no help offered, only a watered-down curriculum that will never bring your child up to grade level. 


Your heart lurches when your child complains of being teased or bullied, when teachers are insensitive.  When the only help available is an IEP, which is a form of Special Education.   


It's easy to fall into the trap of believing your child will "outgrow" a learning disability like dyslexia, dysgraphia, or dyscalculia, but that doesn't happen.  Without proper intervention, your child will continue to flounder.  Even worse, each year that slips by without this intervention only compounds the situation. 

Your Worries are Over!

The Harp Learning Institute, with branches in Lodi and Oakdale, offers scientific and time-tested strategies to fill in the gaps in your child's learning foundation.  We go to the root of the problem instead of offering a short-term solution.  For over twenty years, our research-driven 5-Step learning system has transformed tens of thousands of struggling learners into independent, successful, happy students who go on to thrive academically, many making the honor roll!


With this proper intervention, tests are passed with ease.  Grades soar.  Self-esteem increases. Homework can be done independently.  Even better, you can breathe, relax, and feel a deep sense of pride when your child makes academic strides.  

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