Students benefit from our low student/teacher ratios.

Lodi's First Private School for Students with Special Needs!

Private School: Harp Learning Academy

​​​​Our hybrid private school option helps students achieve academic, social, and life success.  Students work at their own level, their own pace, and on only the skills that they need.  Every minute of their school day is individualized and specific to their needs.

Students who attend Harp Learning Academy focus on reading, writing, math, and the Harp Program. Science and Social Studies are tied into these skills as fun, interactive learning units.

We Offer Low Student/Teacher Ratios!

The Harp Academy keeps student/teacher ratios extremely low so that progress can be made.  Classes are small, often one teacher to one student.  We offer the option to have a one-on-one aide for the entire time the student is with us!  We top off our classes at five students to one instructor.  When class sizes are this low, students with special needs can have those needs met. 

Our Program is Specific to the Learner!

With our continuous, non-invasive testing procedures, we find out exactly where gaps in the student's learning foundation occur and can then go in and fill them in with appropriate skills.  We employ a multitude of curriculum options that meet the needs of the student.  We work closely with parents in choosing what is best for your child.  You know your child best, and we listen to you.  

Students Don't Learn When They are Stressed Out!

Students attend Harp for fifteen hours a week because most students with learning differences are tired, burned out, frustrated, and turned off to school and learning.  When students are in fight-or-flight, they just don't learn.  We take that stress away.  Every child is valued.  Strengths are emphasized, not weaknesses.  

A Multi-Disciplined Approach Brings Results!

Harp Learning Academy focuses on skills mastery in academics by treating the whole child.  Our unique program goes to the root of the problem and corrects visual, auditory, memory, and other sensory issues. This creates a well-balanced, happy learner who enjoys school and makes progress academically and socially.


Social Skills are Important!

Often students with special needs or learning differences struggle with social skills.  Because our class sizes are so low, we are able to guide students through social skills.  We also set aside times for specific social skills training.  Students enjoy gaining confidence in social settings.  

Because Everybody Needs a Safe Place...

Too often, students are unsafe at school, both physically and emotionally.  We care about your child and make sure that school is a happy, safe place.  Our small numbers allow safety on all levels.  We personally know you and your child, and together we form a team that ensures success in all areas. 

Who Can Benefit from the Harp Academy?

  • Any child or teen who is failing or unhappy in a traditional school setting
  • Students with dyslexia, dysgraphia, or dyscalculia
  • Autistic students (high or mid-functioning)
  • Students with ADD/ADHD who are mistreated, misunderstood, or frustrated
  • Students with Down syndrome
  • Children or teens who are right-brain dominant or tactile learners
  • Students who have IEP's or 504 plans that are not being implemented correctly 
  • Any child or teen who is being bullied at school
  • Students with auditory processing problems
  • Students with visual processing disorders
  • Any parent who is frustrated with their child's schooling situation and wants to be involved and hands-on with their child's education

Lodi, California's first private school for students with learning disabilities.
Students learn from each other when given the opportunity.

Harp Learning Academy is a hybrid private school/home schooling program,  Students attend fifteen hours a week.  We do not at this time offer an extended day for students, so unless you have the ability to find day care or personally be available for your special needs child the rest of the day, then, this isn't a good fit for you or your child.

We do offer year-round schooling, as students with special needs often have a hard time with transitions. 

We partner with Visions in Education, a homeschooling option.  By enrolling in Visions, you can receive extra funding that will contribute to your child's tuition at Harp.  We take care of academics, safety, and social skills.  Visions takes care of the rest.  

You are not required to enroll in Visions; it is simply another option to help your child reach learning success.

Tell Me More About the Harp Learning Academy!

With our low student/teacher ratios where we limit class sizes to less than five students, students soar. If a child needs one-on-one attention, we provide it.

Students with learning problems have a hard time focusing in a large classroom.  Parents are then told that something is wrong with their children.   Nothing is wrong with the kids but something is definitely wrong with the student's learning environment and curriculum.

Providing this environment isn't that difficult.

~Lisa Harp