Learning Differences:

​"Learning difference" is a term that is friendly and feels good. We all learn differently and this term takes that into consideration. The sad part of our educational system in America is that it fails to understand and deal with the fact that we all learn differently.

It would be so much easier for teachers if every student was left brain dominant and an auditory learner. The teacher could just tell the information to the students, perhaps model it, and turn them loose. They would learn easily in this format and all would be good.

However, most students who are struggling in school are right brain dominant, tactile learners. They are dying a slow death every day in school and have very few avenues to find success. Simply because they learn differently than expected.

The right- brain dominant learner is creative and active. This learner sees the whole picture first and then breaks it down into bits and pieces. Step-by-step instruction is like listening to a foreign language for this learner. Music, emotions, color and pictures are keys to learning for this student. How many classrooms are able to provide this for their students?

The tactile learners learn by doing. Tell them something and they forget it. Give them a picture of something and it's gone. Let them do something, and they will know it forever. Few classrooms are able to provide this type of instruction to their students in modern America. These kids are failing, even though they have high intelligence. Sadly, they often feel like they are dumb.
In order for students with learning differences to succeed, either the classroom model needs to change, or they need to be taught how to access the left hemisphere of their brains and strengthen their visual and auditory learning systems.

It's perfectly normal to have a learning difference. What isn't normal is allowing a student to feel stupid or dumb because of one. Especially when there are ways of helping the student strengthen all learning systems.  With our five– step program, students fill in gaps in their learning foundation and reach grade level success so they never have to feel dumb again.

Learning differences can be overcome.  With new cutting edge research and technology, we now can step-by-step fill in missing learning gaps as well as teach students to access both hemispheres of the brain.  A learning difference has little to do with intelligence!  It has everything to do with how a student learns, strengths and weaknesses in the student's learning foundation, and how the student processes information.

A diagnosis of any learning difference doesn't mean that a parent or child should give up hope!  At Harp, we are here to systematically put those learning blocks into place, increase academic skills, as well as work as a partner with both parent and child on the journey to academic and life success!

Help your child overcome learning differences.
The body/brain connection is crucial to overcoming learning problems.