Digital Courses to Help Your Child Reach Ac​​​​​​​​​​​ademic Success

                          Visual Processing                                         Eye/Hand Coordination                                   Free to Read Reading           

                             Workbooks                                                           Workbook                                                         Correction System                                                                                                                                                         


                 Auditory Processing                                           Perceptual Skills                                                Memory Building

                         Workbook                                                                            Workbook                                                                                Workbook                                                                                          

Students with auditory processing problems might hear the computer in the classroom so loudly that it sounds like a jet engine.  Or, they might not be able to distinguish the difference between vowel sounds in words or between vowels and consonants. 

Help your child or student overcome auditory processing issues that interfere with reading, spelling, listening skills, note taking in class, and crucial social skills. 

This digital workbook helps students strengthen auditory memory,  closure, synthesis, and discrimination.

This set of three digital workbooks helps students strengthen visual processing skills such as tracking across a page, visual closure, visual memory, visual discrimination, and strengthening the muscles in the eyes.

This makes academics easier than ever for the student struggling to learn since 75 to 90 % of what we take in is visual.  Each workbook gets progressively more difficult so the student is met with visual success every step of the way.


Perceiving information correctly is crucially important to academic and life success.  Think about it.  If your child's visual system takes information in at an angle, upside down,  having halos around words, or in any other way without clear, crisp lines, then learning is bound to be difficult.  

Students can be taught to perceive information correctly with easy to do activities.  It won't take long before students can write on lines without problems, read words on the board, keep up with 





Students who can remember and recall visual and auditory information have a jump on those who can't.  It isn't that these kids are smarter than their peers.  It that they have mastered the skill of remembering information. 

This workbook is crucial to helping students remember crucial visual and auditory information.  

It starts with two-digit information and slowly builds up to five-digit memory skills in both auditory and visual information.  

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Eye/hand coordination skills are crucial to a student's academic and life success.  If these students can't connect their eyes with their hands, then writing in all subject areas  proves to be difficult.  

This set of activities we use at Harp can now be done with your child at home to help strengthen eye/hand coordination.  Students use bingo markers at first then taper down to markers until success is met.  Even better, kids love the activities in this easy to use digital workbook 


Most students who struggle to read lack decoding skills that make reading fluency an easy process.  They end up guessing at words instead of sounding them out.  This, in turn,  leads to numerous errors and poor comprehension skills.

Traditional methods don't work for dyslexic students or those who are right-brain dominant.  The use of color, pictures, movement, and a multi-sensory approach corrects the student's poor reading habits so fluency and comprehension can be mastered. (This digital system is Orton-Gillingham based)