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Is Your Child Struggling in School? We Can Help!

The Harp Learning Institute helps students get to grade level and beyond by becoming successful,independent learners. Learning centers are located in Northern California - San Francisco, and Lodi and will soon be in Northern Colorado.

The Harp Learning System goes to the root of the problem by filling in gaps in the student's learning foundation.

This sytem sequentially builds a foundation for learning through a combination of academics, gross motor skills, visual processing skills, auditory processing skills, memory building training, and cognitive skills training.

More Than Just Tutoring!

The Harp Learning Institute is a perfect fit for K-12 students who exhibit any of the following:

  • Not performing to academic potential
  • Writing with phonetic spelling
  • Processing information more slowly than peers
  • Struggling with reading comprehension and fluency
  • Difficulty memorizing sight words and math facts
  • Problems with decoding and sounding out words
  • Illegible handwriting
  • Mistakes in basic math computation
  • Dyslexia
  • Auditory Processing Disorder
  • Sensory Processing Disorder
  • Austism Spectrum Disorder

The Harp Learning Difference:

The Harp Learning System is a sequential,step-by-step program where students with learning differences move through the developmental stages of learning and "learn" how to "learn" for academic and life success. The larger skills of academics are broken down into smaller, non-academic skills that are used repeatedly until mastery is attained. The student then moves on to a more difficult skill that builds on the previously mastered skill. This is what builds new neural pathways in the brain for optimal learning.

Students are tested on every skill and advance at their own pace.† They are not moved up until they achieve mastery. Students do not waste time on a skill that they have already mastered and the skills are individual to the studentís specific needs. For instance, if a student isnít struggling with visual memory, then he/she will quickly pass that test and time will be spent on particular skills that he/she is struggling with. Any learning gaps a student has are filled in step-by-step in a sequential fashion. We don't treat the symptoms of learning differences.† We go to the cause and treat it.† Symptoms disappear when the cause is treated correctly.

More Academics Won't Fix the Problem!

Students suffering with poor academic skills are typically treated with a dose of more academics.† The thought is that more of the same that didn't work all day is going to correct this problem. This only fatigues a tired learner and adds frustration to the learner's plate because the learning systems that affect academics are not working correctly.†

We go in to those learning systems and make them strong - visual, auditory, gross motor, and memory. We add academics taught in a multi-sensory fashion.†Each skill builds on a previously taught skill.† By the end of the program students have strong working memory and executive functioning skills.†
But initially if you tried to treat these higher level skills, it wouldn't work, because the basic learning foundation has not been dealt with.† The lower level skills must be strong before you have the higher level skills.

Students also gain confidence and life skills through this putting together of the whole child and in the end students are happy, confident learners. The end result is students who are working at grade level or beyond. Once a learning foundation is built, learning can take place.